Peaceful uses of nuclear energy


reactors in operation


France is the 2nd leading nuclear power producer in the world after the United States.


French EPRs are being built across the globe


independent government regulatory authority


The percentage of electricity that is nuclear generated in France


The number of tonnes of C02 which are not released into the atmosphere each year thanks to the French nuclear-power plant fleet.


co-operation framework agreements signed since 2008 with other countries


students, young professionals and researchers have received grants in the field of civil nuclear energy, completely or partially financed by the French government since 2006.

x 2

The number of training programmes offered by France in the area of nuclear energy virtually doubled in 2009, reaching 23 long-term and 44 short-term training programmes.

15 %

is the percentage of foreign students (20 out of 130 in the 2008-2009 academic year) in international training courses offered to doctoral students by the National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN).

100 %

all French civil facilities are subjected to international controls

100 %

In France, all the civil fissile materials are declared to Euratom. France represents more than a third of the inspection effort of the European Commission due to the importance of its electrical-nuclear programme.