Peaceful uses of nuclear energy

Maintenance d’une turbine nucléaire. Photo : ALSTOM Alstom : Maintenance of a nuclear power turbine. Photo : Alstom

 Assist countries to plan and assess their various energy needs ;

 Assure a responsible development of peaceful uses of nuclear energy in the best safety, security and non-proliferation conditions ;

 Actively support efforts to further develop multilateral fuel cycle mechanisms ;

 Promote the highest non-proliferation, nuclear safety and security standards and practices by assisting willing partners to set up the right regulatory, administrative and human environments ;

 Encourage countries, which have not done so, to join all relevant major nuclear conventions, in particular in the fields of nuclear safety, physical protection and civil nuclear liability ;

 Promote responsible management of spent fuel and nuclear waste, and assisting countries to plan waste management solutions, including regionally ;

 Assist countries to set up or to reinforce robust export control systems ;

 Support IAEA assistance programs and IAEA nuclear security fund with funding and technical expertise ;

 Support national, bilateral and international efforts to train the necessary skilled workforce ;

 Seek to ensure the maximum appropriate transparency and access to information ;

 Promote health and agricultural nuclear applications, in particular the fight against cancer in the developing world, hydrological applications, and helping developing countries to improve radio-protection.