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Layout and Content Separation

The use of stylesheets ensures the separation of the layout of the site from its contents.
This allows for a consistent reading order in the structure of each page maintaining navigation effective if the use of CSS is disabled.


Quick access

The site includes quick access links at the top of each page for direct access to :

Page content
Navigation menu
Search field

Keyboard Navigation

The tab key provides access to each link of the website successively.

Text Size

The size of all texts is based on the use of relative units, allowing to change it in most browsers. This operation can be performed by using the following commands :

"CTRL" and "scroll wheel"
"CTRL" and "+" (larger text size) or "-" (smaller text size)
Browser menus : Display> Text Size


The main menu, on the left, is continuously displayed on all pages of the website and allows to reach the main topics. The logo at the top left allows to return to the home page.

The site map is present at the bottom of each page and allows access to all sections and subsections of the site.

The content pages contain a submenu for navigating within subheadings.


Some articles include a PDF download.
To read these documents you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader, downloadable from the site of Adobe