For the nuclear energy of the future

French participation in the development of the nuclear systems of the future

Thanks to its high-performance and vibrant research, France is committed to developing the nuclear energy of the future. France considers international cooperation to be essential in coming up with a new generation of more competitive, safer and more proliferation-resistant reactors that generate less long-lived radioactive waste.

  • In March 2013 in Paris, in collaboration with the IAEA, it hosted the International Conference on "Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles : Safe Technologies and Sustainable Scenarios (FR13)"
  • It is using high-tech experimental infrastructures used for the fuel cycle and reactors : LECA, LECI laboratories, Atalanta and the Jules Horowitz Reactor which is under construction.
  • France is studying the construction of a Cigéo deep geological disposal centre for highly-radioactive waste.
  • It is playing an active role in the IFNEC initiative (International Framework For Nuclear Energy Cooperation, formerly GNEP).
  • The ITER reactor will be built on the European site in Cadarache, France.
  • It is developing the Small Modular Reactor NUWARD
Mur d’images de la Direction de l’énergie nucléaire. Simulation pour la conception de réacteurs à neutrons rapides de 4ème génération. Crédits : P.Stroppa/CEA